Time Estimates For Nano Developments 2008-2021

As part of the EC-funded Nano2Life program, Aharon Hauptman and Yair Sharanhaupt of the Interdisciplinary Center for Technology Analysis and Forecasting at Tel-Aviv University have written a 39-page report titled “Envisioned Developments in Nanobiotechnology? based on a survey of 139 experts from 30 countries. The 50% median date estimate from “experts and knowledgeable? for sample statements among the 20 tested are as follows:

2008: Nano-agents for analysis inside cells
2013: Nanotools for manipulation inside cells
2015: Self-repairing in artificial systems
2018: In vitro construction of human organs
2021: Nanomachines inside the body

Site – http://www.foresight.org

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