Ruby On Rails Vs. Java

At this year’s No Fluff, Just Stuff symposium in New York, Barry Burd asked three experts to compare Java with Ruby on Rails—a web framework, built on the Ruby language.

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2 Responses to Ruby On Rails Vs. Java

  1. Photo Steve says:

    Not sure I understand the whole DSL concept. It sounds like it’s just an API for some external software code or a library of custom functions, so why the buzz? But then again, I don’t code for a living or even for a hobby, so my opinion should be taken lightly.

  2. eneve says:

    Ruby on Rails is a framework that is getting alot of attention lately which is great for the Ruby language. I’m all for abstraction and the analogy that they use of static typing to training wheels is a great one. Let the computer do more of the work so that you don’t have to. *smirk* I’m still a Java developer for now though.

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