TopBraid Composer™ is a new modeling environment from industry experts for creating and managing domain models and ontologies in the Semantic Web standards RDF Schema and OWL. Design and implementation of Composer are lead by Holger Knublauch, TopQuadrant’s Product Technical Director. Holger was formerly the designer and developer of Protégé-OWL, the leading open-source ontology editor from Stanford University. TopBraid Composer leverages the experiences gained with Protégé and other tools into a professional modeling toolset. Composer is based on the Eclipse platform and uses Jena as its underlying API.

Site –


2 Responses to TopBraid

  1. cardona507 says:

    this link is down

  2. eneve says:

    thanks … looks like they have gone more official since i last checked and got the .com domain 😉

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