Black holes seem to control galaxy development

It’s tough to feel warm and fuzzy about an infinitely dense object that holds light hostage, a dead star that would rip your feet from your head if you came within a few thousand miles of it. But it turns out that the bete noires of our universe aren’t so beastly. New research suggests they are triggers for galaxy development – nurturing nannies for star systems. “They’re not just Shiva the Destroyer; they’re Brahma the Creator,” said Scott Hughes, a black hole expert at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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One Response to Black holes seem to control galaxy development

  1. Robin Klein Haarhuis says:

    Black holes (the massive ones) were the first celestial bodies which formed after the big bang, they grew in size, eating matter,en collecting gas and other stuff, in the early and dense universe.
    These discs (accretion) grew larger and larger, eventually leading too starburst, and so the galaxies were formed, no black holes, no stars, no life. Their influence goes further than we know. I also believe black holes send out powerful “waves” in al directions which compress gas to form stars. I think even that small, so called satellite galaxies form in the center of larger “adult” galaxies,once in a while the center spews out an huge amount of gas and stars forming a new galaxy.

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