Why the World is ready for the Semantic Web

June 30, 2006

Some people argue that although the Semantic Web technologies are all in place, the world isn’t ready for the Semantic Web vision yet; that we’re still a couple of years away from fully embracing and adopting Semantic Web principles and attitudes. Perhaps, though, the opposite is closer to the truth: that some of the biggest and best projects on the web today are based on Semantic Web principles – they just don’t happen to be using Semantic Web technologies.

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The American Scientist: An endangered species?

June 30, 2006

Politicians are freaking out about competition from China and India, especially when the drastic drop in American scientists and engineers being produced by the nation’s universities is considered. But is the situation quite as bleak as everyone seems to think?

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Internet giants suffer defeat in US Congress

June 30, 2006

US Internet giants have suffered a defeat in the US Congress where an amendment on “Internet neutrality” was rejected by a Senate committee studying telecommunications reform.

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Brain can be made to self-repair

June 29, 2006

Stimulating a protein on the surface of the brain’s stem cells helps rats recover after a stroke, US researchers have found. The discovery suggests that in humans it could be possible to provoke the body’s own stem cells into repairing an injury, rather than laboriously growing and transplanting new cells.

Site – http://www.nature.com

What is Evolution ?

June 29, 2006

Seeing as the word evolution gets thrown around a lot lately on Newsvine, I wanted to make sure that we are clear about what the definition of evolution is. A lot of readers will be surprised to learn the simplicity of the definition and might actually modify their argument when debating against or in favor. Moreover, for the interested readers, I wanted to introduce some concepts of evolutionary theory and phylogenetics, and thus, I have decided to begin this series of articles on my field of specialization, evolutionary theory, and what better subject than “What is Evolution?”.

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Intelligent computers

June 29, 2006

YOU may call them the sixth-generation computers — those that possess the sixth sense. Information technology is now poised for a giant leap forward when you will have computers that can read the human mind.

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Five reasons Google will invent real A.I.

June 29, 2006

“I’ve received 33,000+ hits and counting to this post,” says the blogger who wrote “Wikipedia 3.0: The End of Google?” on Monday. His piece got blogged all over, promoted to the Digg front page, and fueled the starry-eyed bloggers searching for doom to herald for Google. (It was also just a troll.) Kudos to him, but he — and everyone who believed him — was wrong.

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