The Pirate Chief speaks

Friends, citizens, pirates: There is nothing new under the Sun. My name is Rickard Falkvinge, and I am the leader of the Pirate Party. During the past week we have seen a number of rights violations taking place. We have seen the police misusing their arresting rights. We have seen innocent parties being harmed. We have seen how the media industry operates. We have seen how the politicians up to the highest levels bend backwards to protect the media industry.  To understand today’s situation in the light of the history, we must go back 400 years – to the time when the Church had the monopoly over both culture and knowledge. Whatever the Church said, was the truth. That was pyramid communication. You had one person at the top talking to the many under him in the pyramid. Culture and knowledge had a source, and that source was the Church.

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One Response to The Pirate Chief speaks

  1. The Pirate Party should start their own church 😉

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