Late Night Alumni


The Late Night Alumni project came about when Finn heard Becky sing on a local Salt Lake City Christmas compilation and, impressed by what he heard, tracked her down to provide some vocals on a song he had recently written. After working on a couple songs together, they realized something special was happening. The combination of Finn’s dreamy yet solid production and Becky’s soft and sensual vocals seemed to be a match made in heaven. Seeing where the music was heading, Finn and Becky brought John into the fold to offer his expertise in strings, which served to give the tracks the lift and texture they needed. Ryan (probably the best known member of the collective, due primarily to his DJing and highly respected work, alongside his co-producer Finn, under the Kaskade guise) proved to be the final piece of the puzzle, with his years of acclaimed beat making providing the innovation that brings all the elements of the album together in fine style.

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