“BLUE BRAIN”: How scientists are simulating a brain, cell for cell

This unprecedented piece of hardware consists of about 10,000 computer chips that act like real nerve cells. To simulate a natural brain, part of the cerebral cortex of young rats was painstakingly replicated in the computer, cell by cell, together with the branched tree-like structure of the synapses.

Site – http://www.spiegel.de


4 Responses to “BLUE BRAIN”: How scientists are simulating a brain, cell for cell

  1. koxinelle says:

    Interesting link =)

  2. […] [EXTRA CREDIT:  I just came across an article that is equally fascinating…  Scientists in Switzerland are attempting to create an artificial brain by creating an analogous digital structure: around 10,000 computer chips that are meant to act like real nerve cells.  I’ve wondered before why no body has tried this, and I’m very interested in what comes of it!  Read it for yourself: Growing a Brain in Switzerland.  Apparently it is an old Der Spiegel article (from February 16, 2007).  [Credit where credit is due: To the best of my knowledge the article was highlighted first on the “Travelling Through the Wire” WordPress blog.] […]

  3. mrgnome says:

    Interesting. We are then very close to the substrate for AI chips. A programmable brain foundation to use for robots for example, that could be uploaded with different states, different experiences, et.c.


  4. kpli says:

    very nice post here..i’ve bookmarked this blog for future reference..

    Hey i hope it’s not too late to wish you a Happy New Year

    Enjoy reading this blog …;)


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