Space to think

The fantasy worlds of his bestselling Eighties novels were uncannily prophetic, but where does the sci-fi writer go for inspiration when the future catches up on us? More than 20 years after he coined the term ‘cyberspace’, he talks to Tim Adams about the shape of things that came to pass. The present has recently caught up with William Gibson. The great prophet of the digital future, who not only coined the word ‘cyberspace’ in his debut novel Neuromancer in 1984, but imagined its implications and went a long way to suggesting its YouTube and MySpace culture, has stopped looking forwards. ‘The future is already here,’ he is fond of suggesting. ‘It is just not evenly distributed.’

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2 Responses to Space to think

  1. Well, you could start by going here and see what we had some 55 years ago when “space” was shiny and new

  2. Well, you can go to Space Patrol and see what we had 55 years ago, when space was shiny and new

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