Samsung BlackJack


The BlackJack is my first smartphone and is the second smart phone for Cingular (the first being the 8525). I have gotten the phone unlocked and running with a T-mobile unlimited data plan. While the BlackJack certainly rivals the Motorola Q and Blackberry Curve with its sleek design, will it show a winning hand? (A black jack reference, yes. How could we not?) It’s hard to say. Since our review unit was a pre-production model, we’re holding off on a final call until we get the real thing. That said, our initial impressions are more positive than negative. There are design issues, but the BlackJack definitely delivers on its 3G capabilities. The slim all-black casing looks great and feels solid (reminiscent of a lenovo thinkpad). The smart phone also features a similar soft-touch finish found on the Dash, and is thus easy to grip. The BlackJack also is comfortable to hold, and thanks to its slimmer body, feels more like a cell phone.

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