The End of the American Era

With the unprecedented $700 Billion USD bailout of wall street, we are reaching the end of the ‘American Era’.  What we are actually experiencing is a massive shift of wealth and power in the world due to the worst monetary policy in history.  This isn’t anything new to history.  How did America became the superpower that it was pre 2000?  In the 19th century Britain was the dominate world power, but after WWII Britain had accrued so much debt fighting in the war that it had to hand over power to America.   Thus, in the 20th century America is the dominate world power.  Now the balance of power is shifting again.  America has too much debt (10 trillion+) with up to 50% of it being borrowed from foreign countries.  After a temporary global slowdown to reconcile this change we will witness the rise of the new super powers in the 21st century lead by China and India.

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One Response to The End of the American Era

  1. Nesbit West says:

    Instead of hiding under the bed to avoid the aftershocks of the crisis hitting on Main Street, let’s be bullish and be exited by the reformation of this new global order. We are about to witness, on at least an economic level, the unfolding of probably this century’s most significant events.

    As a thirtysomething professional, I have already taken one lesson away from the events of the last year: no company or corporate institution is sacred or immune from being torn up or demolished. I have seen a number of top excutives who have for some time operated on the premise of being invincible – a number of them have in a short space of time (and due to an extraordinary chain of events) been removed, disgraced and humiliated.

    Nothing should be taken for granted.

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