I still believe in paradise, although now at least I know its not some place you can look for; its how you feel for a moment in your life, and if you find that moment it lasts forever – musica universalis

eneve’s sounds on SoundCloud

::: Mixes :::

eneve – island pt.2


eneve – island


eneve – eden


eneve – endub


eneve – end


eneve – enpire

eneve enpire


eneve – newyeareve

eneve 5am


eneve – axiom



::: Tracks :::

eneve – last forest


eneve – smoke and mirrors


eneve – a simulated experience


eneve – pictures without frames


eneve – the origin of the universe


eneve – ask yourself a question


eneve – the imperfect drug


::: Others :::

eneve – program

eneve – perceptions

looking out through the eyes of an old soul same shit same fears. i’m 30 plus years old looking over you like a saint, some kinda gift could be all things i am and ain’t. i watch you cut your suede like a blade through harvest wheat with eyes that burn and melt with intensity and heat. who gave you what you are? these visions, these demands? this towerness and bluntness, this hunger in your arms? i watch you run head long into the autumn wind till your face is flushed and your knees are skinned. scattering the mad pies and crows from their frost, your footprints like a path to something lost. i turn and i wave back to the sun light from behind, it’s like halo mesmerized and undefined… it’s like a halo… -Ben Watt – Old Soul feat. Baby Black

eneve – even

eneveeven …held hostage in a dream…

eneve – system

system … this is a gift …

eneve – odyssey

…make memories…

eneve – believe

eneve believe …everything counts in large amounts…

eneve – enjoy

eneve at last …dream…

eneve – arigato

eneve arigato …like none other…

eneve – constant

eneve another day …at last…

eneve – 5 am

eneve altruism …miracle…

eneve – altruism

eneve make memories …for you…

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